The Future of skin care has arrived

Dermaquest's collections provide luxury care, rich in botanical stem cells, peptides and vitamins, with hydrating and protecting ingredients that are vital for maintaining skin integrity.

Dermaquest's products and facials do so much more than prime and pamper the skin.

Dermaquest have 8 different skin care collections, designed to target different skin types and condition for home use.

We also provide 16 salon treatments which range from standard no-prep facials to resurfacers.

 (All Resurfacer facials require a 2-4 week skin prep period prior to treatment)

Skin conerns we address:


  • Acne
  • Ageing
  • Pigmentation
  • Hydration
  • Sun protection



Dermaquest Facials

Essential Balance/ Mini Pumpkin/ Peptide Vitality/ Retinol infusion/ C infusion/ Skin Brite

Ideal introduction to Dermaquest facials as No prep is required.



Available to purchase in Salon.



Dermaquest Facial                            £ 50

Resurfacer  (Level 1/Primary)             £ 55

Resurfacer (Level 2/Power)               £ 60

dq collectin.jpg


Resurfacer Facial Level 1/ Primary

Peptide  Vitality/ Primary Pumpkin/ Glycolic Acid Level 1/ Mango Brite

Great introduction to resurfacer facials

(prep required)


Resurfacer Facial Level 2/ Power

Power Peptide/ Power Pumpkin/ Glycolic Acid Level 2.

Ultimate resurfacer progress onto these facials from Level 1 resurfacers.

(Prep required)