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At Koalas Beauty Salon, your satisfaction is our number one priority. We are a small independent beauty salon located within the Castle Country Club on the grounds of Rowton Castle Hotel, 7 miles outside of the beautiful market town of Shrewsbury. 

Koalas provides a range of professional treatments using an exceptional range of advanced skin care products and equipment.

We are fueled by the desire to have you feeling and looking great. Swing by to start looking and feeling amazing!


"I've just finished a course of Caci facials at Koalas Beauty Salon at Rowton and I am so pleased with the results!

I started the course looking tired and drawn but now my face has perked up and all my friends have noticed.They can’t quite figure out what I have had done!          
Chris is a miracle worker! She is very knowledgeable, professional and caring – and most of all patient and understanding.
I am very sensitive and have a low threshold to pain.  Although Caci is relatively pain free, I am generally quite anxious. However, Chris put me at ease and got the job done. I like how she explains the process too. Of all the beauty salons I have been to (and I have been to many all over the world) Koalas is the best. Thank you, Chris!"


"I went to koalas today and had an LED facial mask. The mask is placed on your face and you can have red, blue or purple. The different colours can be used for different treatments - anti-aging, reducing inflammation or improving acne-prone skin by killing bacteria. I chose to have all three colours. While I had my mask on Steph massaged my hands and wrists which was very relaxing after a stressful week! The mask has made my skin look fuller, improving any lines and wrinkles. I would definitely recommend this treatment at koalas beauty salon - thanks both!"

Claire Ellis 

"I love the results from the Dermapen. I have just had my second treatment after being amazed by the first...really looking forward to glowing, toned skin, thanks Chris!"

Lucy Davies

"I’ve had the Dermapen treatment and was very pleased with the experience and would highly recommend Chris and Steph very professional and are experts at what they do. Great environment. So would say koalas beauty salon is a place anyone must try."

Darren Morris

" I was pleased to be greeted by a friendly and welcoming face. All the advice was super helpful and I now have a fantastic skin care routine which has totally cleared up my acne. Dermaquest's essential and acne skin care range is the best product i've used." 

Lauren McDonell 

"Amazing beauty salon! Treatments are fantastic value for money. Products sold within the salon are highly recommended and the staff are extremely knowledgeable when advising clients. 

The staff provide a personal and professional service. I would highly recommend anyone to use Koalas Beauty Salon.

Haf Pugh

"I would 100% recommend Koalas Beauty Salon for Microdermabrasion. This was my first experience and I was a little nervous, but after speaking with the beautician she put my mind at ease and the results are fantastic."


"I've been going for years, Chris and Steph are lovely and I'm always very pleased with the treatments I have"

Clair Russon


Castle Country Club





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